The Fourth of July is synonymous with hot dogs, apple pie, fireworks and parades.

This year, the Summerhaven Fourth of July Parade celebrated its 49th edition, drawing hundreds of attendees to Mount Lemmon, just 45 minutes from Tucson, for a day of festivities and cooler weather.

The parade, one of the region’s longest-running, is a cherished tradition for many Tucson residents.

“Its a fun tradition, its a small parade,” said Victor Bruno, a Tucson resident. “The kids get to enjoy a more intimate connection with all the different people walking through the parade, and obviously its much more comfortable weather-wise.”

Lining the main drag of Summerhaven, spectators enjoyed the floats, the community atmosphere, and the patriotic atmosphere.

The event featured a military flyover and appearances by amateur historians dressed as American Revolution figures, adding historical depth to the celebration.

“Were here really to commemorate and memorialize the work that they did and to support the continuation of the union,” said Mark Clark, a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Kat Bruno, another Tucson resident and wife of Victor Bruno, highlighted the appeal of the cooler weather and the smaller community setting.

“The cooler weather, the flyover, the smaller community,” she said, capturing the essence of the parade’s charm. “It’s just a really fun time.”

As the parade drew to a close, Victor Bruno reflected on the parade’s significance.

“It’s time to share with the family and obviously show our appreciation for our country and the freedoms that we have here,” he said.

If you want more information about Summerhaven or Mount Lemmon, you can learn more here.