The Arizona Board of Regents, along with the University of Arizonas presidential search advisory committee, has been looking for a new president for the university after President Robert Robbins announced he would be stepping down after his contract ends at the end of June 2026.

On Monday, they held a meeting where they made changes to a rubric, or list, of qualifications for the next president, adding things like the ability to retain university workers. Those qualifications are separated into eight categories, then broken down into more specific qualifications.

Fred DuVal, one of the regents, felt strongly about the new president having team-building, community-building, and financial skills.

Theyre qualities that are listed under the eight qualifications categories. One of the eight categories is understanding how the universitys multiple financial systems work.

Any president has got to be able to know when an institution is facing financial stress, what the tools are to address it, how to do it over multiple years, Duval said.

Sam Rodriguez, graduate student at the UA, said hes hoping the president understands how the universitys finances work, especially after the university started having financial issues. Rodriguez is hoping the new president puts the interests of students at the forefront of goals for the university.

A lot of students want someone who isnt focused on using money for things that arent directly related to research, academics, student programs, he said.

Academic and research excellence is another one of the eight qualifications categories.

Ideally we will find someone who has had some history in governing and leading medical enterprises because we have two colleges of medicine, Duval said.

However, he also said theyre considering someone with the highest degree such as a PhD, or someone who is a scholar in science or the law.

Another one of the eight categories is “interpersonal and engagement style which includes building trust with university employees and students.

Kolby Arnell is a student at the university who said its important for the next president to take into consideration the needs of students.

Reach out to the students and check up on them, whether it be through surveys of like how they think their classes are going, Arnell said.

Duval said theyre going to have a final rubric within the next two days. He said, so far they have narrowed the candidate pool to about fifty people.

Over the next few months he said theyre going to narrow the search down to three candidates. After that they are going to have a meeting so community members can give their opinions on the candidates.

This is a great university and were seeing that in the quality of people that are submitting interest, DuVall said.