When Holly Hughes and her fianc Devin Anthony stepped inside their apartment in Midtown, it was like a breath of fresh air for them. Their apartment is giving them the opportunity to learn how to budget their money for essentials like food.

It makes me feel (like) more of an adult but also learn independent skills, Hughes said. Learning the skills of transitioning from having nothing to something.

About a year and a half ago, KGUN 9s Andrew Christiansen met Hughes while she was homeless and staying at Sister Jose Womens Center. He then caught up with her a few months later when she moved into the Wildcat Inn, a shelter that lets individuals and families stay overnight.

Now shes living in Midtown in an apartment that accepts Section 8 vouchers, which gives people monetary rental assistance.

Realizing that if that was not done, I couldve been somewhere else, Hughes said.

Anthony added, Its helping put groceries and everything into the house. Its a good starter.

Using the Section 8 housing voucher was an easier and faster process for Hughes because the City of Tucson helped her sign up at the Wildcat Inn.

Where you could go through corporations that have that housing and also applications not just online but also paper applications, she said.

The City is hoping landlords accept Section 8 housing vouchers and are encouraging them to do so through an incentive program, weekly payments and a team dedicated to helping them.

The City said theyre also looking into ways that they could help people own affordable homes

Over the next two to five years, the City said they are incentivizing the construction of affordable independent housing units like casitas.

They also said theyre considering adding affordable housing to a future bond or tax measure to go to voters.

Expanding affordable housing is something both Hughes and Anthony hope voters consider.

Actually help them get out of the streets and not have to be on the streets no more, Anthony said.