The Grand Canyon and Kaibab National Forest in Northern Arizona both have stage two fire restrictions going into effect on Friday, June 21. However, here locally the Coronado National Forest hasnt had any restrictions and theyre not expected based on current conditions.

Forest Fire Chief Steven Miranda of teh Coronado National Forest says they were anticipating a very active fire season, but thankfully that hasnt been the case.

Miranda said they typically see about 10,000 acres of land burned each year due to wildfires, but this year its been less than 64 acres. He also said there has been half the number of wildfires this season than there are on average.

With monsoon storms on the way, Miranda said over the last several months they have increased their personnel and resources. According to their website about 70% of their fires are caused by lightning.

Ive doubled the amount of engines that we typically have here in the Coronado National Forest, Miranda said. Ive increased hand crews out here – Ive added two more handcrews. We have our aircraft prepared, so when we start getting (fire) starts, we are able to staff all the fires that we get.

Ahead of Fourth of July, Miranda gave the reminder that fireworks are always illegal on national forest land.