Angelika Gloyd, owner of Angelika’s German Imports Market & Deli, was slicing meat for a customer when she heard a loud boom.

The sound it made, like a bomb exploded,” Gloyd said. “It made my heart race and it made me shake because Im like ‘oh my god, what just happened?'”

On Tuesday afternoon, a car hit the side of the building causing potential structural damage and breaking a large window. According to the Sierra Vista Police Department, an elderly woman accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the break while parking in front of the building.

“The glass was everywhere. I mean, it was spread outyou knowall the way to the far tables, Gloyd said.

SVPD said there weren’t any injuries at the time of the incident.

Gloyd said she the city of Sierra Vista forced her to close the restaurant Tuesday afternoon so they could examine the building to make sure it’s structurally safe. The windows were boarded up and Gloyd was given the okay to open back up.

The business owner decided to keep the restaurant closed Wednesday because she is still recovering from the shock of the accident. Gloyd said she will be reopening the restaurant on Thursday.

She plans to stay open as long as possible, but knows she may have to close when the repairs need to be done. Angelika’s is located at 1630 E. Fry Blvd. in Sierra Vista.