The owners of Urban Pita, a local Mediterranean restaurant, have opened a new location on Tucson’s south-east side.

Owner Freddy ElMesselmani, wanted to better serve Davis-Monthan Air Force Base which is less than 10 minutes away from the new spot at 6320 E. Golf Links Road.

As a result, people who live on Tucson’s east side won’t have to drive almost 30 minutes to Urban Pita’s original location in downtown Tucson to get their food.

ElMesselmani says lots of airmen would frequently ask him to open another restaurant closer to the base.

“They’ve been throwing it out there ever since we opened,” said ElMesselmani. ” ‘Hey, we wish you were on the east side, and then we can come in more often, because we don’t want to commute.'”

The owner adds how they’re adjusting to a slower south-east side community compared to a fast-paced downtown. They are also adapting and finding solutions to dealing with the homeless in the area.

“We’re trying to serve the entire community of course. We picked this location down here because first, it’s a good location, it’s underserved,” ElMesselmani said. “We thought we could come down here and show the people on the south-east side how our food tastes.”

Urban Pita’s new location will be the only place you can get their food for now because their original location, which had been open downtown for eight years, is currently closed due to flooding.

“We have no vision or sight on when the other location is going to be open. It’s all under the landlord and insurances at this point,” ElMesselmani said.