Tucson is rising in the ranks, something KGUN 9 consistently reports on, but this year, we’re first on Santa Clause’s naughty list for the most aggressive drivers, according to GasBuddy.com.


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The technology company, which helps users find the cheapest option to fill up their gas tank, cited research found through PDI Technologies. It claims

drivers are up to 48% more aggressive on the road during the holidays


NAUGHTY LIST Top 10 Cities with the Most Aggressive Holiday Drivers Tucson Nashville, Tenn. Orlando, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. New Orleans, La. Richmond, Va. Salt Lake City, Utah Buffalo, N.Y. Memphis, Tenn. Oklahoma City, Okla.

The findings were based off studying millions of drivers during Thanksgiving 2023 Weekend. This study measured how often drivers sped, pressed the brake too hard or accelerated faster than they should’ve.

NICE LIST Top 10 Cities with the Least Aggressive Holiday Drivers Minneapolis, Minn. Providence, R.I. Portland, Ore. Seattle, Wash. Cleveland, Ohio Norfolk, Va. Hartford, Conn. Las Vegas, Nev. Rochester, N.Y. Columbus, Ohio

Compared to other metropolitan cities, Tucsonans driving didn’t accelerate as fast or press on the brake hard much. However, where they did get the highest “naughty marks” were with speeding events.