KGUN 9 sat down with neighbors living next door to and across the street from the Midtown home that became a crime scene after a deadly house party shooting in late April.

That shooting killed 20-year-old University of Arizona student Erin Jones. The party was organized by UA football playerswho were living at the house at the timeand attracted both UA students and unrelated community members.

Neighbors are still very much shaken from the shooting, more than seven weeks later, even after TPD announced it arrested four suspects they identify as shooters.

The neighbors asked not to share their names or faces, as they still fear for their safety.

Its just something I cant shake, the next door neighbor said of the tragedy. Its just been hard Hard to sleep at night. Dont want to go outside.

The arrests announced this week only bring them some comfort.

This is a good start, said a neighbor living across the street. It was a sigh of relief.

I didnt think it was ever gonna happen, that they were gonna find them, the next door neighbor said. I really didnt, so I was shocked.

But police also say there are still outstanding parties related to the deadly shooting and that the investigation is still ongoing.

Four arrested for Midtown house party shooting

Id be happier if the investigation was over, the neighbor across the street said.

The house that hosted the party now seemingly sits empty; a side door is left open and the mailbox has fallen off its stand.

A red tag slapped on the window to signal an unruly gathering, which should stay visible for 180 days, has been partially torn off.

These neighbors say they no longer feel safe. They claim theyve heard more late night gunshots on the block since the party.

They worry future parties at homes like this could again get out of control and lead to another tragedy.