I started off this job like I do in a lot of Hiring Heidi segmentssanitizing, getting my gloves on and prepping my station.

But this week I’m a little more nervous than usual. My blank canvas is a person, and I’ll be giving her a skin care facial and neck massage at Ziva Aesthetics in Oro Valley.

Starting off with some hot steam, I get ready to apply the first of a couple face masks.

I got to work applying the mask, usine a two-handed technique that turned out to be a little tricky to get the hang of.

I may dropped a little outside my target area while applying it.

Once the mask was on, I moved on to massage my client’s neck.

This is hard,” I said to myself as I worked. “You have to be quiet and you have to remember to breath. I’m, like, forgetting to breath.

When I removed mask, I had some major clean-up work to donot only removing the mask, but getting it out of her hair where it shouldn’t have been.

But it paid offmy client’s skin was glowing.

The second mask was quick-drying, making it a bigger challenge.

You have to go fast because it will dry, I was reminded by my employer.

It wasn’t going great.

In the end, I wasn’t able to peel the mask off properly, and a real professional had to take over. I finished out my work day not as an aesthetician, but as an assistant.

Ziva Aesthetics is located at 7355 N. Oracle Rd. Visit their website for more information.

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