The I Am You 360 small home village stands near Van Buren and 22nd street, each house just a few steps away from being finished. At I Am You 360, they’re focused on helping foster youth aging out of the system. The small home village will provide not only a home for those aging out of the system but life skills courses and financial literacy. For the future residents like Daniel Dias, the view of the small home village brings him closer to his dreams.

“To have my own bed that I can sleep on,” he said. “That was always a dream. I was tired of sleeping on the floor or the couch.”

Because throughout his life, he was met with challenges. He moved to Tucson when he was about three years old. During high school, he said his mom and her boyfriend kicked him out of the house.

“It was pretty rough in the beginning,” he said. “But I just never gave up. My mom kicked me out because i was trying to defend my sister from her stepdad.”

But then he met Desiree Cook, the founder of I Am You 360.

“From there, my whole life changed,” he said.

He is excited to move in and start his life in this new small home. He currently lives in the apartment complex owned by I Am You 360. Those residents will move into the small home village and the next set of applicants will be chosen for the apartments.

The I Am You 360 team is looking for donations to help finish their small home village, which can be made here.