After the monsoon storms on Friday, June 21 one Tucsonan was left with countless trees knocked over and uprooted on his nine acre property on the Southeast side.

Ive never seen this in June, Leon Gomez said. I see something like this in July, but never in June.

Gomez said the storm started between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm on Friday.

First we saw the dust moving in and in less than five minutes this heavy wind came, Gomez said. It also brought rain and hail. It was really scary, he said.

He is an arborist and has hundreds of trees on his property. Plenty of them had damage to them, but that wasnt his concern

A lot of birds got killed, and the trees we can fix it, but I feel bad for the birds, Gomez said. He was also looking for four baby owls that went missing from a treed after the storm.

Despite everything, he kept a pretty positive attitude. He said, We got a lot of work, we got a lot of work, but we can take care of it.