This weekend, Tucson welcomes thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses for their annual convention, bringing a wave of faith and fellowship to the city.

This year’s theme is “Declare the Good News!” and runs through July 7th.

A 47-year tradition, the convention will bring an estimated 3,000 people today to Tucson. A local spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses, Ken Munson, tells me congregation members have booked hundreds of hotel rooms and will be eating locally.

“The city has always worked well with us as an organization,” said Munson. “Of course, the community welcomes us, the hotels welcome us, the restaurants welcome us. It’s been a good fit.

The Mafucci family has driven in from Sierra Vista for the convention.

“Tucson itself just has so many sights,” Mr. Mafucci said. “It’s just a nice place to be, good restaurants, good food, good sights.”

This is the Mafucci family’s fourth time attending the Jehovah’s Witness convention in Tucson. They say the entire congregation inspires each other to better themselves and offer support.

“To be able to leave what you’re doing every day at home behind and just concentrate on what you’re gonna be learning these three days and also,” Mrs. Mafucci said. “Being able to just enjoy the interchange. The encouragement we get from one another is priceless.”

Tucson is hosting six of these conventions from now through August, attracting an estimated 60,000 Jehovah’s Witnessesboosting Tucson’s economy.

The next English convention will be on August 16th with the Spanish one coming up on July 19th.

More information on the upcoming conventions can be found here.