With elections approaching, a group of local actors in Midtown is working to bridge political divides through the play, “Democracy Suicide.” The production, directed by Zach Wetzel and with Ryan Costella as the playwright, hopes to bring together people from all sides of the political spectrum.

Its not just a great show, but its a chance to really affect some change and get people thinking on all sides, said Wetzel. What can we do to become the United States of America?

The play incorporates poems that explore various perspectives, aiming to avoid bias and encourage audience members to consider multiple viewpoints. Wetzel says there will also be discussions after each performance, inviting attendees from all backgrounds to talk about the themes presented.

Actor Ted Falagan mentioned how the play has something for every political view, saying this show is obviously very politically charged, but its pretty fair. It gives all points of view.

Another actor, Dennis ODell, said that being cast in a role opposite his political beliefs provided him with a unique challenge and a deeper understanding of different viewpoints.

The production aims to bring the entire community together by encouraging friends with differing opinions to attend together and engage in meaningful discussions.

“Democracy Suicide” will run from October 24 to November 3.