On Tuesday morning, crews started installing light posts in the Pueblo Gardens neighborhood. Cindy Ayala has been working for nearly twenty years to see light posts on her streets in hope of shedding a light on crime.

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The community gathered to see the first installation on Tuesday morning, but it felt unreal for Ayala to see her hard work come to light.

At first it was overwhelming because Ive been working on this for so long, she said. On Tuesday night, she saw the light on her street turn on for the first time.

A little bit of light goes a long way, especially when your neighborhood is this dark, said Ayala.

There will be a total of 17 light posts going up this week in Pueblo Gardens. The lights are solar powered and dim later in the night during hours where most people are asleep.

Some neighbors explained to KGUN9 their concerns about the dark sky ordinance, but the lights have been approved under that consideration. Other neighbors are happy to see the work being done toward creating a safer neighborhood.

Vollie Redic has been living in the neighborhood for twenty years and said he reports crime when he sees it. Now with the light posts, hes hoping that will shed a light on any crime that happens when it gets dark.

Its always dark and black out on the streets, so lights would be a big plus, he said. Hes also hoping it will bring more life to the streets, too. Redic said, we didnt have many trick-or-treaters during the years. Its always so blacked out and dark in these streets. You buy candy and you still have it.

The lights are expected to be fully installed by the end of the week.