The number of run away pets dramatically increases around the Fourth of July holiday, which is concerning to the staff at Sierra Vistas animal shelter because they are at capacity for dogs.

If you want unconditional love, you’re not going to find in any place, but in a dog, volunteer Gina Genrich said.

There are 43 dogs available for adoption at the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center and even more waiting for a kennel to open up so they can find their forever home.

With every kennel full, the shelter staff is asking the community to keep their animals inside this Independence Day. Animal Control Supervisor, Arleen Garcia says fireworks can scare dogs and cause anxiety.

The dog you thought could never jump your fence (could) during a firework (because) anything can happen, she said. “The bang, the booms, those noises are so loud and their hearing is so sensitive that it just terrifies them…and they tend to just jump the fence, squeeze through.”

Garcia says dogs are not allowed at the park during events, including the fireworks show.

The animal care center has been over capacity for most of this year. Garcia says it’s because the number of owner surrenders is higher than ever before. The staff is scheduling owner surrenders because of the limited space.

We should definitely be the last resort, Garcia said.

But she says that’s not the case. She says people are losing patience with their animals more than in the past.

I think we need to realize that animals are individuals, and we need to have patience, work with them, find resources, and we can help with that, Garcia said.

It can take dogs more three months to feel comfortable in their new homes, which is why patience is needed after adopting. Garcia says people are also forced to surrender their pet because they can’t take them in some moving situations. But when they are left at the shelter it can affect their mental health and overcrowd shelters.

This is becoming the norm and I would rather prevent it, Garcia said.

She says reporting lost pets as soon as possible and contacting them for resources can keep pets out the shelter.