In our summer series “One Tank Trip,” we explore fun destinations in Southern Arizona that can be visited on just one tank of gas. This week, were taking you to Tombstone Monument Ranch and Cattle Company to highlight the exciting activities that transport visitors back in time.

Tombstone Monument Ranch and Cattle Company, established in 2011, sits on a site with a history that spans centuries. The original adobe walls of the homestead and the saloon, which dates back to the 1800s, offer guests a glimpse into the past.

Arizona Bill, the ranch’s entertainment coordinator, immerses visitors in Tombstones rich history, wearing period-appropriate clothing. “Ed Schieffelin, the founder of Tombstone, came here in 1877 searching for silver and gold,” he said. Schieffelin’s discovery of silver in 1878 led to a boom, with the town flourishing and producing over $30 million in silver.

Visitors can experience this history firsthand through various activities. Trail rides take guests past original miner cabins from the 1800s. “It’s important to ride horses here to remember the history of it all,” said Adaya Comer, a ranch wrangler.

The ranch also offers more than just horseback riding.

“We have archery, BB gun shooting, real guns for adults, UTV rides, hiking, and more,” said Michelle DeSplinter, the ranch manager.

The ranch’s accommodations are designed to resemble an old Western town, allowing guests to stay in themed rooms such as the post office or jail.

If you and your family want to check it out, the ranch is about a 70-mile drive from the east side of town, roughly an hour and 20-minutes in total drive time. using approximately six gallons of gas round trip, costing around $20.



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