On the streets of Tucson, you can find Anna’s Abundant Blessings, a bright yellow food truck serving both food and hope to the homeless.

Anna Bennett started her truck in late 2022. She wanted to serve the entire country, but started with Tucson.

“The homeless are looked down upon and they’re just like us,” said Bennett.

“We were going to different locations, but slowly, they get turned away. They closed down the camps, 100 acres has been closed for us. We started at 100 acres and those people are near and dear to my heart.”

Bennett has both summer and winter menus.

On a recent visit, she served chili cheese dogs, nachos and Eegees to help beat the heat.

Early survey data from the Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness shows there are 2,102 people experiencing homelessness on any single day.

While finding a fresh meal can be challenging for the unhoused, people like Elliot, who shows up every Wednesday for the food, appreciate Anna’s consistency.

“A lot of people don’t care about the homeless people anymore, like a lot of people are really mean to the homeless people,” Elliot said. “It’s nice that she comes out here and makes a point to talk to every single person and everything. It’s cool.”

Volunteers like nurse Diane Yeoman help serve food, connect and even offer a prayer.

“I work in detox places in rehab and so, I’m often able to help people get in,” Yeoman said. “Been able to do that a couple times, actually more frequently lately and that’s the best.”

The food truck helps bring a sense of comfort to everyone it serves, especially Tony who feels nostalgic when he eats Bennett’s food.

“It feels awesome, it feels great dude. It feels like me being at home,” Tony said.

Anna’s Abundant Blessings serves every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at about 10 a.m. On Wednesdays, she’s parked behind Sacred Heart Church on 601 E. Fort Lowell Road. On Thursdays, she’s at the Primavera Foundation on 702 S. Sixth Ave.

Anna’s Abundant Blessings runs on donations, if you’d like to help, you can find the information here.