We dont know the exact environment Michael Penchung Lee was in when he tapped out the threats on Snapchat that led him to Federal custody but the overall image that comes across through the court documents is an angry, lonely man pouring out that anger online.

Investigators say Michael Penchung Lee threatened fraternities and sororities at University of Arizona-and that he identified himself as an incel or involuntary celibate. Incels feel they can not form romantic or sexual relationships and often resent people who do.

Charging documents say Lee went on the social media app SnapChat and said,

The day of Retribution is upon us, I shall get revenge on all the chads and stacies!!

A Snapchat users tip helped UA Police and the FBI find and arrest Lee.

Lees attorney Thomas Higgins explained reports that Lee’s car was seen again and again near UAs Greek Row. He said Lee wasnt prowling the area planning a shooting, he was an Uber driver going where the customers are, but Prosecutor Adam Rossi says Lee said online that driving for Uber would help him kidnap women.

Lees lawyer says Lee has substance abuse and mental health problems.

Lee apologized in court and said he would work to get his life on track.

Federal Judge Rosemary Marquez told Lee hes lucky he was stopped before he acted on his threats. She sentenced him near the top of what sentencing guidelines allow: 16 months in prison, with three years probation to follow. Hell get credit for the eight months he was jailed since his arrest. And hell be barred from any contact with U of A until his probation is done.

Lee could face more prison time besides the federal sentence. Hes facing drug charges in state court that his attorney says could lead to another two and a half years in state prison.


Law enforcement reacts to U of A threat sentencing