After three years of anticipation, the Oro Valley Church of Nazarene is still hoping for approval from the city council regarding a proposed rezoning that would enable the construction of a brand new sports complex.

However, the church’s plans have faced opposition from neighbors residing near the church.

According to Pastor Chris Collins, the church’s vision for the proposed complex extends far beyond sports, with the aim of making a greater impact on Oro Valley.

“Every church has to determine how they want to reach and impact their community,” Collins stated.

For the Church of the Nazarene, Collins and fellow church members are eager to achieve this through the implementation of the sports complex.

“The vision and mission behind everything we do here is to introduce Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him,” he said. “Specifically, with this rezoning and project expansion, we are seeking to utilize sports ministry to make a positive impact on our community.”

Nevertheless, the church’s plans have encountered opposition.

Long-time resident Tim Tarris expressed concerns, stating, “In order to preserve our neighborhood as it is, it is necessary for us to oppose this church expansion.”

While Collins acknowledged that they did not expect universal support for the rezoning, they did not anticipate the extent of opposition.

“But this is also part of what we believed the process was intended for – to encourage dialogue, communication, and to address issues and concerns raised by people,” Collins explained.

Since the idea’s inception in early 2020, Collins mentioned that they have made changes based on input from neighbors.

“We have made all the adjustments we are willing to make on this proposal, and we are ready for the town to decide whether or not they will allow us to move forward,” he said.

The final proposal is scheduled to go before the city council this fall. Collins emphasized that regardless of the rezoning outcome, the church will continue seeking ways to positively impact the Oro Valley community.