Congressional District 6 takes in Tucson, Eastern Pima County, and most of Cochise County. The mix of urban and rural gives the area a back-and-forth history of electing Republicans and Democrats.

Right now were talking to two Republicans competing for their partys nomination: Juan Ciscomani, the incumbent, and challenger Kathleen Winn.

Winn says, I believe this election will be a mandate on the Biden policies. I don’t believe that they’re successful. I believe that they have failed.

Winn has worked in the media, as a realtor, and as outreach director for Tom Horne when he was State Attorney General. She says shes set up homeless shelters and been active in fighting sex trafficking.

Im a results-driven person. I have been very successful in business and raised seven children. I have 18 grandkids. I have, you would say, skin in the game.

Winn says securing the border is her top priority. She did not support the recent bipartisan border bill. Advocates from both parties said it was the most useful change in border policy in many years, but it failed after Donald Trump opposed it.

So if a bill would make the politicians look good, but doesn’t accomplish the end goal, which is securing our border and keeping Americans safe, then I don’t know what value it really has, Winn said.


Full candidate interview: Kathleen Winn (R)

Her second priority is the economy relieving the pressure of groceries and gas on the average family.

Winn says Hamas slaughtered innocent Israeli men, women and children. She supports helping Israel and does not think the US should try to change how Israel fights.

I know that people don’t want innocent Palestinian children injured. I understand that, but at the end of the day, Hamas should not be protected. Iran was supporting them. The CCP was supporting Iran and Hamas.

She says shes not a big supporter of Ukraine, thinks Ukraine should be more accountable for the aid its received, and says we should have taken care of the southern border first.

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