Tucson Electric Power (TEP) customers may have noticed a rise in costs over the past few months.

TEP raised their rates back in September, with an average increase of $11 per month for the residential customers. According to Joseph Barrios, spokesperson for Tucson Electric Power, a customer’s bill should only increase with higher energy use.

Our rates did go up back in September, so there’s an adjustment there, but if anything, we want customers to know that they should only be paying for the energy that they use, said Barrios.

Barrios mentioned that an increase in bills over the past few months could be due to a few reasons, including increased energy usage during the holiday season as well as a spike in heating usage during Januarys freezing temperatures.

As the warmer months are approaching, TEP advises customers to reach out to their customer care line for advice or if you have concerns with your bill.