Last night, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump met in their first debate of this years presidential election cycle. According to CNN, nearly 48 million people watched the debate on T.V.

The two presumptive major party nominees met earlier than usual. The first debate isnt usually held until September or October.

The Republican National Convention is next month and the Democratic National Convention is in August. The two parties officially nominate their candidates at the conventions.

Independent candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., didnt meet the eligibility requirements to participate in CNNs debate. He hosted a livestream on X where he answered the same questions Trump and Biden were given.

Tucson resident Nani Chang spoke with KGUN 9 outside of the Murphy-Wilmot Library on Tucson’s east side. She said she was a fan of the rule of mics being muted when it was the other persons turn to speak.

Theres a little bit more civility in the debates than there were four years ago, Chang said. I really am interested in listening to them, what they have to say, because theyre going to be the leader of the most powerful country on this planet.

Another Tucson resident, who didn’t want to give his name, said he was watching the debate on T.V., but had to turn it off pretty quickly because it was so hard to watch both candidates.

ABC News is set to host the next debate on Tuesday, September 10. Eligibility requirements are similar to what they were for this first debate.