The 100-Acre Wood Bike Park is still Tucsons biggest homeless encampment, even after part of it was cleared out almost three weeks ago.

Caution tape is still up around ‘Zone One’ marking off people’s stuff.

Some of the people living in the cleared-out area simply moved to another part of the park.

I mean, its pretty rough, its not a walk in the park for sure,” Chad Thibodaux said, who has been living in the 100-Acre Wood for two years.

Thibodauxs area includes a tent, water to stay hydrated, and a makeshift shower. Taking rides on his many motorized bikes helps him

I get on the bike, take a little ride, get the wind in my face you know, Thibodaux said.

His bikes also help him get supplies in town, and he helps others in the park fix up their bicycles to be motorized. Living in the 100-Acre Wood in the summer takes teamwork.

Its pretty rough out here last year; its probably going to be rough this year; its hot already, Thibodaux said.

Leading up to the May clear-out, some people did accept ‘Housing First’ help from the city.

Weve had over 70 people accept services over the last year and a half; its not a high number but better than none,” Andy Squire said on May 23.

Those remaining are not taking help, setting up the potential for another controversial clear-out soon.

So its just a matter of where everyone will end up, and how long we can stay there,” Thibodaux said.

In May, the city said the plan was to have the 100-Acre Wood cleared out by the end of the year.