Midtown’s Unscrewed Theater is hosting summer improv classes for teens, but they’re offering more than just lessons in improvisation.

Students like Ava McKee find these classes to be a valuable experience beyond the stage.

“Because of improv, I’m able to have more of a creative flow and be myself more,” McKee said. She mentioned how the classes have improved her collaboration skills and increased her confidence. “I’m a lot more confident now, like just talking. I think that’s a lot easier.”

The theaters executive director, Chris Seidman, sees the confidence in students build firsthand. “Usually at the beginning of these classes, they are very standoffish, and as the class continues, they really understand the fun involved,” Seidman said.

Instructor Cy Barlow also mentioned the importance of having a dedicated space for teens. “The opportunity for teens to play in a space that is dedicated to them and not mixed with adults allows them to find connections with folks their own age, doing something fun and creative,” Barlow said.

The final summer teen improv class will be held on July 14 at Unscrewed Theater.