Eleven people were taken to the hospital after severe turbulence on a Delta flight.

The incident happened Tuesday before the plane landed in Atlanta from Milan, according to the Associated Press. A total of 115 passengers and 14 crew members were on the plane.

“Delta Care Team members are mobilizing to connect with customers on Delta Flight 175 that experienced severe turbulence before landing safely in Atlanta Tuesday,” a statement obtained by AP said.

“Our priority is taking care of our customers and crew who sustained injuries. We are grateful for the first responders who met the aircraft to provide medical attention and who are transporting the injured to [the] hospital,” the statement continued. 

The injured included both passengers and crew members. 

The Federal Aviation Administration said the Airbus A350 was about 40 miles northeast of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when the crew reported the turbulence.

There are no details yet on the injuries. 

The FAA said it is investigating the incident.

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