One Arizona teen just received a college degree before even getting her driver’s license.

The 16-year-old graduated from the Arizona State University’s accelerated nursing program.

“Most of my peers know and I have been unconditionally accepted,” Elliana Tenenbaum shared.

She and the other students were honored with a celebration Thursday afternoon.

“I’m incredibly excited it a culmination of all the dedication put into this program and nursing,” Tenenbaum expressed.

Her father Steven is a doctor, and from a young age, she learned about the medical field.

Tenenbaum decided to take college courses while in high school which put her way ahead.

“It wasn’t about what age I wanted to do something, or what amount of time, but I knew this was the right pathway for me and why hold my self back when I could get started,” Tenenbaum said.

Her father reveals at 14, she was studying for classes he took in his twenties.

He’s impressed and proud.

“Her ability to learn things is very impressive the ability to dedicate herself to work hard is amazing,” Steven shared.

Tonight they’re celebrating her achievement; and she’s already thinking about her next move.

“Already have been applying to some nursing jobs,” Tenenbaum revealed. In the very near future, I hope to pursue a path as a doctor of nursing practice.