This spring, University of Arizona Athletics will continue their tradition of honoring a grade school teacher in southern Arizona as ‘Teacher of the Year.’

KGUN9 wants to introduce you to this year’s nine nominees; we continue our visits by meeting Kimberly Farr and her AP Research class at Mica Mountain High School.

When she’s not talking about means, modes and standard deviations, Farr walks her students through lessons in Advanced Placement Geography, and another AP course in environmental science.

Farr mentioned that, when she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a U.S. National Park ranger. “I wanted to teach people and help people learn about our natural environments and the places around here,” she said.

With 17 years of experience under her belt, this year Farr took on a new adventure by preparing a curriculum in AP Research.

In class, watching her students roll dice to get data points for their assignment, Farr said she’s confident her kids can and will use these skills once they graduate and pursue their professional goals.

“Lifelong learning is so important,” she said. “I love learning, and that’s part of what makes teaching AP Research interesting to me. (It’s) because I get to, like I said, learn all the things that they’re doing.”

Farr also shows off her personality in class. On our visit, we couldn’t help but notice her floral Doc Martens boots; and her students notice this fashion statement, too.

“My sister picked them out for me and gave them to me for Christmas,” she said. “If I can have a pair of shoes that makes the students take notice, then that’s good.”

Senior Annabelle Yeh said she wanted to try AP Research and also enjoy a third year of high school learning from Mrs. Farr. “Not only because I could research what I wanted to,” Yeh said, “but also because Mrs. Farr is a wonderful teacher. I appreciate that she really cares about her students. She’ll make sure that we’re all understanding the content.”

“I’m here every day because I love this,” Farr said. “To have the support of the administration and my students it’s awesome.”

KGUN9 will share more profiles of more awesome teachers this month. UA Athletics will reveal this year’s winner at the Wildcat Men’s basketball game Mar. 2 against Oregon.