The Tucson Unified School District is set to begin nearly half a billion dollars worth of improvements to its schools, a plan strongly supported by voters who approved a bond proposal last fall.

The $480 million bond proposal, aimed at addressing critical infrastructure needs and enhancing educational facilities, will fund a variety of projects slated to start as early as this fall.

“It’s a ten-year bond and we’re looking forward to launching these projects,” said Dr. Charlotte Carter, PhD, TUSD’s Bond Program Manager.

The initial focus will be on essential upgrades such as replacing outdated HVAC units, installing defibrillators and purchasing new technology for students and teachers.

“These various upgrades need to happen to make sure our schools are safe, to make sure the schools have the various things that they need so the students can concentrate on learning,” Carter explained.

Carter, who has over a decade of experience with Tulsa Public Schools before joining TUSD, indicated that the improvements will be implemented in phases, with the first phase expected to be completed by October 11 or the end of the school year’s first quarter.

“We are super excited to be able to serve the community, the parents, the grandparents to make sure that what they voted on is being implemented to fidelity,” she added.

While some projects might progress faster than others, Carter emphasized the district’s commitment to minimizing disruptions to the classroom during the implementation process. Timelines could be adjusted as needed to ensure smooth execution of the improvements.

More details and specifics of the bond program can be found here.