Over 100 distinguished veterans and their families are gathering together in Tucson for a four-day, biannual reunion and Welcome Home celebration for Vietnam Veterans, lasting from Thursday to Sunday, Oct. 22.

The Distinguished Flying Cross Society (DFC) is a non-profit veterans organization for those who are recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

The Distinguished Flying Cross is awarded for heroism or extraordinary achievement in aerial flight,” Executive Vice President of DFC Society Warren Eastman explained.” It’s the fourth highest award for heroism. It is the highest award for strictly aviation activities.

A Distinguished Flying Cross is awarded to those who served in the U.S. Military. On some occasions, the U.S. Congress has also awarded it to some civilians.

Recipients of the prestigious award may apply for membership into the society. The society has thousands of members all across the country from five different military branches.

Our mission is to honor, preserve and teach the legacy of heroism or extraordinary achievement and aerial flight, Eastman said.

Many of the societys members are being welcomed home at the four day event.

Eastman said, Our theme this year is, Welcome Home, 50 years later Vietnam Veterans. Because 50 years ago when combat ceased in the Vietnam War, Vietnam Veterans were not welcomed home at the time they were treated poorly.