When an emergency call comes in, every second, and every bit of information makes a difference.

Do you see any weapons on her like a gun or a knife? dispatcher Rachel Ruiz asks a man who called 911, reporting someone peeking into yards.

Ruiz then sends the police to look into the situation further.

She has been working in the center for over a year.

Its very rewarding to know that youre helping the people that are calling,” Ruiz said.

Now the city is looking for more dispatchers like Ruiz.

A recruitment period is coming up in December.

“Our hiring process is extensive, but what we do is very important. The safety of our citizens, making sure we bring in the right people, not just any people is important,” administrator Richard Pegues said.

With around 150 people currently employed, they need over 200 to answer all the calls on time.

The goal is to have 90% of calls answered within twenty seconds,” Pegues said.

Right now theyre answering around 80% of calls in that time frame.

While recent increases in pay and benefits have led to an increase in their numbers, theres still a need for more people to answer calls.

It gives you a sense of pride in the community and makes you feel like I did something today that impacted someones life,” Pegues said.

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