The University of Arizona is coming back to life. Spring semester classes start Wednesday. But the session opens with extra concerns about attacks near the campus.

As students return to their home away from home the university wants students to feel safe but still be alert to danger.

Theres an extra drive behind the routine advice. Tucson Police, and University Police are still looking for a man who just before the holiday break, tried to kidnap women at three locations off-campus but still near UA.

A hand held alarm to repel attackers and attract help is just part of the precautions Riley Butikofer is taking.

Just being more aware and never walking alone at night. Being with my friends, making sure everyone’s okay. Cellphones are a big thing in that I just always have charge, like having safety devices on me like now I carry a personal alarm that I use wherever I go, because some places you’re not allowed to take in pepper spray or self defense things. They’ll just get taken out the door.

UA has a web site with a wide range of safety resources.

UA Police and Tucson Police have teamed up to urge students to be on guard for anything that just doesnt seem right. UA Police Sergeant Andrew Valenzuela says a smartphone can be a way to call for help when theres trouble but it can get you in trouble when youre focused on the screen instead of whats around you.

We want to encourage people to save those, those cell phones, scrolling social media, you know, watching or any other entertainment device that they have in their hands to save that for later until they arrive safely at their locations.

Sergeant Valenzuela says students who cant walk in a group can use services like Safe Ride and in some cases University Police can free up an officer to escort you.