State fire leaders say we’re seeing worse drought conditions than last year. Because of that, the Department of Forestry and Fire Management and Governor Katie Hobbs say communities need to get ready for what could be an active wildfire season.

AZ Forestry’s John Truett says we could see the risks go up significantly for central and southern Arizona this May and June.

“This year we’re talking about heavy vegetation growth and risk,” Truett told KGUN9. “Areas across the Sonoran landscape, down into the Catalina’s and into Cochise County may see increased activity due to the amount of grass and brush in those areas.”

Truett says we already know what an active season looks like because of last year’s fires.

At a meeting held on Monday, March 18th, Governor Hobbs said she recommends the state give wildland firefighters more tools and resources. She also proposed a $27 million funding deal so communities across Arizona can mitigate these wildfire risks.