If youre a frustrated driver-and who isnt you have some things to look forward to in the five year plan ADOT just approved.

You could see cures for congestion and rough roads ahead.

At Classic Industries they love cars, and fix more than a few that had a tough life on rough roads. Mechanic Nathan Dominguez says the idea of wide, smoother freeways sounds great.

Any road that can be a little bit wider means more traffic can go in and out, means less you know, less buildup of traffic so it can make a lot easier a lot easier for people to go through the streets and everything like that.

One upgrade in ADOTs 5 year plan comes close to the shop.

It will smooth out the two miles of I-10 from Valencia to Alvernon and widen it from two lanes in each direction to three lanes.

Other highlights of the 817 million dollars slated for Southern Arizona include $185 million for the I-10-Kino Traffic interchange, and $156 million for the Country Club Rd. interchange.

It may not be part of your daily drives, but a lot of drivers here may appreciate the part of the five year plan that widens the last narrow part of I-10 between Pima and Maricopa Counties.

Garin Groff of ADOT says, One of the biggest elements of this five year program is expanding I-10 going from four to six lanes between Casa Grande and Phoenix. This is going to be a project that we hope to begin within this calendar year at the Gila River bridges and then keep working on the project during the course of that five year program.

High profile projects for Cochise County include a total of almost eight miles of pavement rehab on State Road 90 between I-10 and Sierra Vista.

And the T in ADOT does not just mean ground transportation, the five year plan pours more than 33 million dollars of local, state and Federal money to improve runways at Tucson International.