The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) held a press conference on Wednesday to update progress on its I-10 expansion project.

The project, which began in March of last year, will add an additional lane to the freeway to reduce delays and promote safety.

Construction is currently focused on the stretch of freeway from Ina to Ruthrauff and is about 40% complete.

As drivers know, this section between Ina and Ruthrauff has been a bottleneck for a long time, says ADOT spokesman Garin Groff. Well be adding a fourth lane and thats gonna really help traffic flow more smoothly.

Groff says that traffic should move from frontage roads to the main freeway by late summer this year.

At that point, ADOT will focus on reconstructing the Orange Grove and Sunset interchanges. This involves expanding the entrance and exit ramps to handle more traffic and add higher clearances.

Later this year, ADOT will close down the westbound exit at Orange Grove for about 60 days while construction is underway.

ADOT will spend most of 2025 focusing on the Sunset interchange. This includes extending Sunset to River Road, creating a new access point to I-10.

While the project is underway, Groff says that an important priority for ADOT is to ensure that there is business access 24 hours a day throughout the project for businesses, employees and the public.

The entire project is expected to be completed by late 2025 and will cost about $171 million in total.