The Arizona Department of Transportation is asking for public comments on its proposed five-year plan by the upcoming deadline of Thursday, June 1.

The tentative program totals $7.74 billion, according to ADOT, which would then be split up among state- and county-wide construction.

One of the major projects the plan would fund is widening Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Casa Grande. The first stage of construction is expected to begin later this year. ADOT says this also supports the long-term goal of widening I-10 to three lanes in each direction between Tucson and Phoenix.

Notably, the plan would include $817 million for projects improving roads across Pima County.

$196 million to widen I-10 from Alvernon Way to Valencia Rd. $185 million for the I-10-Kino Traffic interchange $156 million for the Country Club Rd. interchange

The form to submit public comments can be found here, or commenters can send an email to

The full Tentative Five-Year Plan from ADOT can be viewed at this link.