After a hasty exit from Afghanistan two years ago, those with ties to the U.S. were put in grave danger.

One of the judges whose job was to take on the Taliban found himself a target, surviving shootouts and bombing attempts.

Eventually, he got his family and himself to Tucson. Denelle Confair sat down with him Tuesday to see where his case for asylum is, despite fleeing Afghanistan over a year ago.

Ahmad Naeem Wakili worked as a judge in Afghanistan. His job was to prosecute members of the Taliban, some of whom he says killed dozens of people.

Ultimately, his work would put him in grave danger, with the Taliban trying to kill him several times after taking control of Afghanistan.

“Actually, I believe that I am I am pretty lucky. And that God loves me a lot because they shot me to die, but I am alive,” Wakili shared. “First time they shot me by rocket by RPG, and I was like 20-to-25 days in a coma. But after 25 days I became alive again. The second time they put [a] bomb in my car. I was in the hospital for a couple of days. The last time they shot me three [with] bullets. I fell down; they said, ‘he’s dead, let’s go.’ But I was alive.”

Since he fled Afghanistan, he’s reunited with his family now here in Tucson. His wife gave birth to their second baby girl about four months ago, and while he has his family, his ability to provide for them remains in limbo.

“Right now, I can’t do anything,” Wakili explained. “Everywhere that I am applying, their requirement is first green card or citizenship. I don’t have none of those.”

His attorney Mo Goldman says his case, like many others, is at a standstill.

“You end up with these background checks that they are doing, that just seem to sit and process indefinitely,” Goldman said.

For now, he says he’s glad he’s safe with his family.

“I’m happy. I’m really happy and I’m feeling okay that they saved my life, and I’m really happy that people of Tucson welcomed here with open arms,” Wakili shared.

As for the next steps for seeking asylum, “a lawsuit might be his best issue if the government’s going to just sit on this,” Goldman added.