After two attempted abductions in the span of one week, students have been more careful walking across campus.

I haven’t had any experiences where I felt unsafe. Maybe walking home at night, having a little bit of pep in my step but never feeling like I’m in imminent danger, said Gabby Kostie, a student at the University.

The abductions were nearby the Universityone near3rd Street and Campbell Avenue, and the other near 8th Street and Mountain Avenue.

On campus, the University has over 300 blue emergency phones which, at a press of a button, connect you to UAPD.

But one student says though they help her feel safe, having more would be helpful.

In more popular areas of like our campus specifically, there definitely are more of those emergency blue posts, but at ASU, you can see the next post at all times,” said Molly Sullivan, a student. “Here, I don’t always see that so maybe like more of those would be better. But overall, like the campus is definitely pretty safe.”

TPD is investigating the two incidents and asks anyone with information to call 9-1-1 or 88-CRIME.