High-speed chases along the southern border have been plaguing law enforcement in Southern Arizona for years.

Congressman Juan Ciscomani (R-06), who represents much of Southeastern Arizona, introduced the Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety bill to the House this week. Named for Border Patrol Agent Raul Gonzalez, who passed away in December of 2022 while on patrol in Texas, the legislation is designed to crack down on those high-speed chases.

Ciscomani says the billwhich passed in the House with bipartisan support and moves next to the Senatewould make it a federal crime for failing to yield. And if anyone is killed during an apprehension, individuals could face life sentences.

I spoke to Ciscomani from his office in Washington, D.C. about the bill Wednesday. He told me all House republicans and 56 Democrats voted in favor, passing 271-154.

“Here we have a bill that passes, a bill that passes on border security and on bipartisan basis,” says Ciscomani. “That does serve a pause there of saying, ‘wow people are starting to come around on this issue on both sides’.”


“Im thrilled that my House colleagues understand the necessity of this legislation, bringing it one step closer to being signed into law., Ciscomani shared in a press release following the vote.