As the temperatures continue to rise, so do electric bills.

Cory East, Key Accounts Manager for Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC), says they have had a number of members calling to see how they can avoid dramatic increases to their bills during the continuous heatwave affecting the area.

He said one of the simplest things people can do is to make sure their A-C units and the area surrounding it are maintained. East said cleaning A-C filters, sealing cracks and holes where you can see daylight from the inside, as well as using a smart thermostat are ways people can be more energy efficient.

The more an air conditioner has to turn on, the more electricity is being used. East said 78 degrees is the most energy-efficient temperature, but at the end of the day it’s a personal preference.

Find a temperature that works for you and the people in your home,” he said. “Obviously the highed the thermostats up and the closer the inside temperature is to the outside, your AC is going to run less.

Swamp coolers are another way to be energy efficientbut not during monsoon.

They work great if its not humid because swamp coolers put moisture in the air…its hard to do that when theres already moisture in the air to keep it cool. Air conditioners take moisture out of the air.

East says people should monitor their electric bills to see if any of the changes lower their usage.