The Chaise Longue Economy Seat has a new economy class seat design intended to improve comfort and the overall experience for passengers on all aircraft.

The main difference between conventional airline seating and the new double-decker design? The new design is aimed at optimizing space. With more space, the designer hopes travel will be more comfortable and sustainable for the economy class.

With this model, the designer describes having advantages for passengers:

“The Chaise Longue has better leg room, easier accessibility and more posture variation. The two rows also have some unique characteristics to them: On one hand, the lower row is perfect for individuals with reduced mobility or for resting on long flights. The seat pan hides all the way into the structure for easier ingress and egress, and the backrest reaches an angle of 125 degrees (15 degrees more than the current economy class). Most importantly, the passengers can fully stretch out their legs, and support them, similar to a lie down position. On the other hand, to access the upper row you will have to go up 2 steps. Providing the same 125 degree recline angle, this row gives passengers better leg room and more privacy.”