Colorful costumes, banners and pictures lined the streets of Tucson on Sunday, concluding the two mile All Souls procession on South Avenida Del Convento.

The procession ends with the burning of a big, intricate urn that is suspended in the air by a crane. It symbolizes the hopes and wishes people have for their loved ones who have passed away.

The team putting on the procession said it usually brings in over 100,000 people from all over the world. They also said it’s one of the biggest in the world.

People held up pictures of their loved ones who have passed away and some even wore the pictures on their clothes.

Don and Janelle Guerra live in Tucson and Janelle was walking around with a picture of her dad on her hat.

Its really important to us. Her dads picture is on her hat right now, and just a time to reflect and appreciate, Don Guerra said.

Marching through the streets was Allison Dee, who was wearing stilts, and an extravagant wig, dress and make-up. She is a part of the Ghost Buskers, a group that asks people for donations that help fund the functions of the procession.

Its a beautiful time to have all of the emotions. To be able to cry together, to laugh together, to create new memories while revisiting the old ones, Dee said. You dont just wait until somebodys gone to celebrate and mourn. You come together while were still here together.

Some people like Vince Fliller have lost loved ones who used to go to the procession with them.

Ive been married and widowed twice.unfortunately, and I come here to remember them because both of them have been here with me, he said.

Arlene Garms was at the procession for the first time honoring her grandmother who passed away.

My grandmothershe was the light of my life, the light of the family, Garms said.

Garms is the owner of Garms Charms Designs and was greeting customers who were looking at her earrings that feature traditionally Hispanic food like pan dulce and historical items the Aztec and Mayan calendars.

She said she drew inspiration for her business from her childhood when she did things like hit a piata at birthday parties.

I loved it, and Im bringing it to the community to share our heritage, Garms said.