On the west side of town, the American Indian Arts Expo is taking place as part of Tucson’s Gem, Mineral and Fossil showcase.

Its a unique experience from a Native Americans point of view, said its organizer, Fred Synder.

Visitors can find all sorts of different items from artisans from over 60 different Native American tribes.

The expo has been taking place for the last 38 years and includes music, performances, food and, of course, crafts.

Synder said, We have a great variety of artisans that can share their culture with their songs, dances and food.

Synder also shared that his large turquoise collection brings lots of attention and visitors.

We have turquoise there from over 60 different mines, Synder said. Today many people have older items they need a stone replaced on because its broken. Or a man had a belt buckle made and he would like to have a bolo made from the same (turquoise) mine.

The expo runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day through Wednesday, Feb 14. It is located at 2830 S. Thrasher Ave.