With a few bags in hand, Kyna Hudson bends down to sign another clipboard on another table at the Amphi Neighborhood Resource Fair. She moves to the next one, gathering the information that she needs before standing in line for the free meal.

“I got good help from WIC and housing and other stuff,” she said. “I got a hair cut and I look and feel beautiful”

She went to the resource fair because of her family as she provides for her father and nine month old son. Through life’s challenges, she moves forward and wants to make life better for her family.

“I want to find a big nice house for them and get a dog and be a whole big family,” she said.

She wasn’t the only one at the fair looking for the same kind of help. The resource fair had dozens of local organizations like GAP, 4 Tucson, Tucson Electric Power, the City of Tucson’s Housing and Community Development and many others. It was created in collaboration with the Amphi neighbors and the organization Living Streets Alliance. People were able to come to the Literacy Connects building and receive everything from a free haircut to rental assistance.

“We want dignified lives,” Kate Saunders, the community engagement coordinator for Living Streets Alliance, said. “We want lives healthy lives. We want lives where families are together and we want lives where people are housed. And so all of that has to do with neighborhood power and there’s a lot of power in this neighborhood.”

This event is a precursor to their next event Cyclovia. That event will take place on October 29th from 9am-3pm. The route from 6th street to the Literacy Connects building will be car free that day. The community will celebrate the neighborhood and provide resources.