Throughout the last several months, a group of community members went door to door in the Amphi neighborhood to support one another in the fight for adequate housing. According to Arizona Revised Statute 33-1324, tenants have the right to habitable housing, which means landlords must maintain the property in good working order.

But there are many people living in Tucson are living in poor conditions. In the Amphi nieghborhood, Hassan Clement is one of the neighbors leading the movement to help tenants get what they deserve. He lead the charge to begin the Amphi Panteras Tenant Empowerment Program, which is in partnership with Ward 3, Southern Arizona Legal Aid and others.

“We’re here to advocate for every day working people rather to advocate with them,” Clement said.

But now, after living in his apartment for nearly four years, Clement was given a 30 day notice to vacate.

“It wasn’t random,” he said. “It was because of the work that’s being done in the community.”

Erica Prather, one of the members of the Amphi Neighborhood Association, works closely with Clement. She said the community and Clement will continue to move forward.

“Even though it’s unfortunate that this out-of-state, California corporation retaliated against one of our community members,” she said. “But this movement is bigger than that incident.”

Clement found his new place in partnership with Casa Maria Soup Kitchen.

“And because of this work now, I’ve been asked to be a board member for Southern Arizona Legal Aid,” he said.

Clement and Prather both said the movement to advocate for safe and habitable housing in Amphi won’t stop.

“Connect with people and don’t think that you have to go through this alone,” he said.