They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but this rescue pup in North Carolina has an unlikely pal a goat.

Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog were surrendered to Wake County Animal Center after their owner could no longer care for them. The pair is inseparable shelter staff tell ABC11 that Cinnamon will whine and cry anytime Felix is taken away.

Usually, staff say that different species aren’t kept together but they made an exception for Cinnamon and Felix since they already had such a close bond.

The pair shares a kennel at the shelter and staff often see them chasing each other around the playpen.

Now, the search is on for a forever home that will take in both animals.

The pair is not currently up for adoption instead, WCAC staff are hoping to find a rescue organization that is able to care for goats.

Any rescue groups interested in taking in the duo should reach out to WCAC.