Arizona basketball is a highlight for many Tucsonans but not all can lay claim to a five decades of fan loyalty.

I wouldnt miss a game if I could help it,” long-time season ticket holder, Phyllis Goodman said. “If I could I would travel with the team.

Born in Tucson, Phyllis Goodman has been a season ticket holder for as long as she can remember.

When they opened McKale, we were here on opening night,” Goodman said.

That was back in 1973, 51 years agoand throughout this time fans have taken notice.

They recognized me, I didnt know. It kind of evolved over the years,” Goodman said.

At each game the band comes down, performs their opening number and ends by waving and saying, Hi Phyllis!

Youll find Goodman in Section 16 Row 5, wearing the same game day outfit, jumping around and cheering for her team.

Do I feel like a celebrity?” Goodman said. “No, I just, its fun. I just have fun. Its one of my favorite things to do, just come to basketball games.

But for Goodman just watching the game isnt enough.

I cant imagine sitting at a basketball game like knitting,” Goodman said. “I think Why are you here if youre not a part of the game?

Goodman says she plans to be a part of the game for as long as she can.



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