The Arizona Board of Regents is meeting once again today, March 14, to talk about the next steps in getting the University of Arizona out of its financial crisis.

Some of those steps including board members discussing who they will pick as their next chair and their interim executive director.

ABOR also has to pick an interim chief financial officer at the U of A, as well as approve reducing President Robert Robbins’ salary.

This virtual meeting is open to the public from 9:40 to 10 a.m.

Governor Katie Hobbs spent the day at the University of Arizona Wednesday for a conference about our water resources….but we caught up with her to see how she feels about how the U of A is handling the budget disaster.

Since she’s gotten involved, she says things are looking a little better.

“I think we’re at a place now where we have a productive path forward,” Governor Hobbs told KGUN9. “We’re hearing regularly from both the University and the Regents in terms of what the plans are, how they’re moving forward. We’re continuing to push for an outside, independent auditor and continuing to work as hard as we can to ensure that faculty and students are protected from these issues.”

Hobbs says she’s confident stakeholders will keep working hard to get the budget sorted, but acknowledges it’s a problem that will take some time to fix.