Dozens of dead amphibians were found in the garage of an Arizona vacation home.

Haylie Burg says the smell initially threw her off.

Thats when she tracked it to her garage where she found piles of dead salamanders.

Burg had to document what was happening as she got to her family vacation home in Flagstaff because she thought people wouldn’t believe her if she didn’t.

She says the garage door wasn’t opening because storms knocked the power out. So, she went inside, but noticed an awful smell.

Once she opened the garage, she found piles of dead salamanders.

Burg says she noticed some steel wool that was on the corners of the garage was missing and thinks that is how they could have gotten in.

Cale Morris with the Phoenix Herpetological Society reveals it’s rare to see this many salamanders together in the same place.

He says they usually prefer to stay hidden in shady, moist environments.

Burg points out there is a golf course with a pond nearby, but says their house is on top of a hill. So, she was surprised they were in her garage.

Morris recommends making sure your home and garage is sealed up to prevent this from happening to you.