An Arizona man, ambushed and shot near Sasabe, Sonora on Christmas Eve, is now recovering in a Tucson hospital.

KGUN 9’s Denelle Veselik spoke with him about how his journey from Rocky Point to Arizona took a frightful turn and how he survived dozens of shots fired at him.

Craig Ricketts says he’s lucky to be alive and smiling. He was shot at dozens of times in his vehicle near Sasabe in Mexico on his way to Tempe from Rocky Point.

“All of a sudden out of no where I had this sensation,” Ricketts said. “I thought someone was taking gravel and throwing it at my suburban.”

Ricketts says he had took a different path because the Lukeville Port of Entry was closed.

His choice ended up leading to a dangerous encounter. His vehicle became bullet hole-ridden, with his front window shattered.

After making a tourniquet from one of his jackets he says first responders quickly arrived to his aid.

“It’s like being surrounded by a bunch of angels and I remember looking at their eyes, their faces and their spirits at that point and those guys were saying don’t go to sleep, don’t go to sleep,” Rickett said.

Ricketts was shot twice. Once in the ankle and his arm. While he isn’t sure the extent of the permanent damage, he says continues to have faith.

“You have a choice if you are going to go, or you are going to stay and it was so easy for me to go into that zone..and I said ‘I’m not finished here on my mission’.”

Ricketts says he’s already started rehabilitation and that he’s thankful to be alive.