The Arizona National Guard has confirmed that Arizona National Guardsmen where in the area during the aerial drone attack in northeast Jordan on Sunday.

The drone strike on American troops killed three U.S. service members and wounded at least 34 others.

It is unknown how many Arizona service members were impacted, said Erin Hannigan, director of communications for the Arizona National Guard in an email.

The identities of the injured servicemembers will be withheld, to keep with Department of Defense policy, Hannigan said.

The White House said the attack was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq, according to the email.

Service members of the Arizona National Guard deployed to the area in September of 2023 in support of Operation Spartan Shield, serving U.S. Forces and U.S. allies across the Central Command Area, the email said.

The role was to provide law and order and personal security capabilities, the email said.

Ariz. Gov. Hobbs said she was heartbroken on her official X (formerly Twitter) account Sunday night “to hear reports of the Arizona National Guardsmen wounded in action during the attack in Jordan.”

Hobbs said in the tweet that she was actively monitoring the situation and that her administration was in contact with Arizona National Guard Adjutant Major General Kerry Muehlenbeck.

“We are ready to offer support for the Guardsmen and their families, and will be prepared to take action as the situation develops,” the post said.